Decorating Services

At Fresh Interiors we offer a wide variety of painting and decorating services. We specialise in upgrading older period properties. The secret to producing an excellent finish is mostly about preparation of the surfaces. This is why we routinely remove all old wall coverings prior to applying the new wall finish. We also do not use lining paper to hide cracks and holes. Depending on the condition of the wall we will recommend one of the following:

Geergian style decor

1. If walls are in a terrible condition then a complete re-plaster with the application of a new base coat to the whole wall or to the necessary areas. This is followed by a double skim of plaster to give a perfectly flat wall which is necessity for a great paint or wallpaper finish.

2. If walls are badly pitted with small cracks or bumps. Such walls benefit from a double skim of finishing plaster. Again this produces a great flat wall surface for a perfect decorating finish.

3. If walls are in good condition then we use a soft plaster filler to remove small holes and cracks. The whole wall is then sanded to produce the flat surface for a great finish.

fresh decor

We will gladly advise on different types of paints and their finish. If you require paint charts or wallpaper samples then we can supply these. Alternatively, there are a number of useful sites here with paint charts, wallpaper collections and interactive tools to help with your choice of decor scheme.

kitchen plastering before-after

Above: before and after pictures from a recently repaired kitchen splash back wall (Morningside). Wall required sealing and repair of plaster base coat. After which a double skim of finishing plaster was applied. The wall was painted with a coat of white matt emulsion. Once the plaster has fully dried then a waterproof coat of kitchen paint can be applied.

cornice painting

Above is a room we redecorated. At Fresh Interiors we routinely spray such cornicing with several thin layers of paint. This prevents the build up of paint drips and gives a fresh stunning finish.

Hall plastering and painting

Painters and decorators

Above is a refurbished hall. The photo at the top right details the preparation work involved: all wall coverings have been stripped (including the 100 year+ wall paper), the walls are then plaster filled. The resulting paint finish is smooth and crisp. The new spot lighting completes the transformation of this space.

External painting

We provide an extensive external painting service. We use the Butinox range of paints which provides the best protection for the wood frames and doors, (up to 10 years protection with 2 finish coats). As a matter of course we also repair the mastic seals between the wooden frame and stone work as can be seen in the photo below. This ensures the window frames remain water tight for many more years to come.

Georgian window seal repair

The above photograph is of some freshly painted Georgian windows. The insert photo on the right hand side details a routine repair to the mastic seal around window frame.

repaired window

The above photograph details some of the repair work that we will provide where necessary.

window and shutter stripping and painting

Above is a refurbished window and shutter set. The original wood was impregnated with years of wax and old varnish, all of which we removed before paining.

Study Plastering and painting

Above is a refurbished study. the walls were in need of repair, so we double skim plastered them prior to painting.

Wallpaper living room

Bedroom wallpaper

The above photos highlight the wallpaper hanging service we provide. All wall, ceilling, floor and wood surfaces visible were redecorated by Fresh Interiors.

Vestibule before and after

Above is a refurbished vestibule. The walls have been stripped back to the original plaster. The walls are then plaster repaired and painted to the customers colour specification.

plaster corner

Above: With damaged corners commonly found in older properties, we can reinforce with angle bead prior to skimming with plaster. The resulting decor has a crisp clean line finish. Although if the customer rather the period wooden corner feature is restored then the appropriate plaster repairs are undertaken.

refurbished hallway

Above is a refurbished hallway, we also installed the flooring and new doors.

Fireplace removal

The above photographs have been included to demonstrate the range of services we provide as part of our decorating services. The fireplace removal required a number of services which we supply. The joinery work included replacement of the skirting board and new floor boards especially made to a width that is no longer available. The subsequent floor sanding work required that the new boards were stained to match the aged boards as closely as possible (This is a skill that only a few companies can supply). The removal of the fireplace and the slate hearth subsequently required skilled plastering work. The fireplace wall was extremely uneven (not visible from photo) so the whole wall received a new base coat to provide a flat surface for the double skim finish coat. Finally, the painters applied 3 coats of paint to the new surfaces, creating a pristine finish.

Kitchen refit

The above photographs of a small kitchen refit highlight the range of services we supply: joinery, plumbing, gas fitting, electrical, plastering and of course painting and decorating. We have a number of contacts who provide electrical and gas fitting services. All work is supplied with the appropriate safety certificates.

cupboard refurbishment

Above we created a small cupboard which now neatly conceals the gas boiler. This was all supplied as part of the room refurbishment. The floors were stripped and varnished the walls were skim plastered before a complete repaint of the room.