We provide a wide range of platering services as part of our decorating services. The extent of plastering work required will depend on the condition of the walls or ceilings. We are happy to advise on the best course of action for you specific requirements. Routinely one of 3 methods will be advised or a mixture of the 3 methods below:

1. If walls are in bad condition then a complete replaster with the application of a new base coat to the whole wall or to the necessary areas. This is followed by a double skim of plaster to give a perfectly flat wall which is necessity for a great paint or wallpaper finish.

2. If walls are badly pitted with small cracks or bumps. Such walls benefit from a double skim of finishing plaster. Again this produces a great flat wall surface for a perfect decorating finish.

3. If walls are in good condition then we use a soft plaster filler to remove small holes and cracks. The whole wall is then sanded to produce the flat surface for a great finish.

This 3rd method of filling and sanding is very popular as its less costly than a double plaster skim and can produce an equivalent finish after painting.

plastering of kitchen

Above: before and after pictures from a recently repaired kitchen splash back wall (Morningside). Wall required sealing and repair of plaster base coat. After which a double skim of finishing plaster was applied. The wall was painted with a coat of white matt emulsion. Once the plaster has fully dried then a waterproof coat of kitchen paint can be applied.