Floor Fitting

We will fit your hardwood or laminate floors with the underlay best suited to the needs of the room and the subfloor. Modern underlays incorporate sound insulation, heat insulation, damp proofing and help level uneven floors.

When laying the new floor it is often a good time to renew old skirting boards. This has the added advantage of producing a great professional finish, as the new floor can be fitted under the skirting board. Alternatively we can remove and refit the existing skirting boards and apply a coat of paint. This produces a wonderful finish as the new floor looks as if it was the original fit.

The new floor can be fitted with matching beading trim at the wall edges. Alternatively we like to use matching filler which gives an excellent finish.

Solid Wood floor

The above floor is an example of a large plank solid American oak floor. The above floor was fitted onto a chipboard sub-floor, all skirting boards were removed and refitted after floor was laid.

wood laminate flooring

We will supply and fit a variety of floor types with the appropriate underlay.